B2B Revenue Acceleration Consulting

We support visionary Founders looking for a go-to-market action plan specific to their business. We accelerate revenue while increasing clarity and decreasing cost of customer acquisition.


Our Strategy Consulting Offer

Our engagements begin with an audit where we understand your vision, product/service, growth goals, and resources. We then align on a go-to-market strategy unique to your business, and provide ongoing support to implement and operationalize it. Our Strategy Consulting audit is built on four pillars.

Strategy Design

We look across product, demand generation, sales, and customer success to identify what is in your critical path to break through inertia and gain momentum. We help you cut through the chaos to increase clarity and confidence.

Team Alignment

A strategy is only as good as the team that executes it. Given the limited resources available in early-stage, we guide you through augmenting your go-to-market team via full-time hires, contractors, or up-leveling your existing employees.

Revenue Operations

We map out your go-to-market workflows and processes, assess your underlying software tooling and data infrastructure that powers growth, and evaluate if your go-to-market team is aligned to the same revenue metrics.

Ongoing Support

We lay out how we can provide ongoing coaching, enablement, and accountability to ensure you stick to the game plan post-audit and maintain focus. Our ongoing support can last anywhere from 1 month or 1 year depending on your needs.

Our Client Testimonials

Collectively, our portfolio of businesses has raised over $200MM in venture financing from angels, incubators, and VCs around the globe like Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Google Ventures, Origin Ventures, Golden Ventures, Bowery Capital, Mainsail Partners, SurveyMonkey, Fidelity, Klass Capital, and Y Combinator.

My secret weapon. I always make sure to connect with Vikrant or send leaders looking to grow his way.

Mark Roberge

Managing Director @ Stage2Capital, Professor @ Harvard Business School, Former CRO @ HubSpot

Shreesh has a strong intuition for process design and systems thinking that every revenue engine needs.

Wil Eyi

Co-founder & CEO @ Toolbox (YC S20)

Shreesh Naik has great intuition for B2B growth and helped us design experiments we wouldn't have thought of.

Katia Paramonova

Founder and CEO @ Centrly (Forbes 30 Under 30)

Vikrant Duggal has the pulse on how great leaders are pushing boundaries. I’m a huge fan.

Matt Golden

Founding and Managing Partner at Golden Ventures

Vikrant delivers results. Every leader looking to grow should engage with him.

Tony Summerville

Founder and CEO @ Fleetio

Shreesh Naik is someone every B2B founder should speak with about their go-to-market journey.

Benjamin Fletcher

CEO & Co-Founder @ EyeLevel


Partner With Us

If you are looking to accelerate your revenue with clarity and confidence, build an aligned go-to-market team, and a robust RevOps infrastructure, get in touch with us and learn if we are the right partner for you.

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