Revenue Operations for B2B Software

RevPipes builds the underlying infrastructure that enables B2B SaaS and enterprise software companies to predictably grow

The Problem We Solve

You are the CEO or CRO of a B2B SaaS or enterprise software company who lacks visibility across your entire revenue team. You know you need an end-to-end business process of driving predictable revenue, across marketing, sales, renewals, and expansion, but it is a very complex machinery to build and manage.

Broken and Stale Workflows

Marketing, sales, and customer success teams operate their own siloed workflows, and there is no framework to orchestrate unified customer experiences

No Ownership of Revenue Stack

The go-to-market team has more tools than it can handle, all of which are disconnected, and no single team member is well-versed across all of them

Lack of Metrics Alignment

Marketing, sales, and customer success teams optimize for their own metrics instead of being accountable to a common set of shared revenue metrics

Low Trust and Credibility Among Teams

Go-to-market teams play the blame game when it comes to revenue contribution and attribution, and don't enable one other to succeed

The Solution We Offer

We first understand your product and service, growth milestones, and current go-to-market motions. We then align on a revenue operations strategy and system that makes sense for you, and offer ongoing support for build and operationalize it. Our RevOps engine is built on four pillars.

Process Design and Experimentation

We provide the step-by-step play to efficiently run a unified go-to-market motion, as well as a framework to continuously iterate and improve upon it

Software and Automation

We install, customize, and integrate your software tools (both new and existing) so you can minimize manual work and build a unified RevTech stack

Data Integrations and Analytics

We build a centralized data warehouse that consolidates data across all your software and internal tools, and run powerful analytics on top of it

Coaching and Enablement

We ensure there are resources to continually operate the RevOps engine we build, either by members of your team or partners from our network

Behind The Solution

The team behind RevPipes comes with over three decades of experience in leading cross-functional growth teams and operating predictable, scalable, and repeatable B2B software revenue engines.

Vikrant Duggal

Vikrant Duggal is a global independent consultant and early-stage venture capitalist. A four-time revenue operator, Vikrant has helped 70+ SaaS founders accelerate revenue. An engineer by education, Vikrant's natural talents led him to lead strategy and sales teams at Boeing and Johnson Controls. He then installed his world class knowledge within four VC-backed startups achieving incredible growth and yielding two outstanding acquisitions returning an average of 8X valuation increase. He actively writes about growth on his personal blog.

Shreesh Naik

Shreesh Naik is an independent consultant who has previously co-founded and run revenue operations at two software startups. First, at Reactor Media, where he supported brands like Rosetta Stone and ASUS to manage their content distribution efforts. Then, at Blue Ink Digital, where he supported brands like Spring Venture Group and Sunrun acquire customers online. Shreesh holds a ChemE degree from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, where he also built B2B demand generation playbooks with Mark Roberge, HBS Professor former CRO of HubSpot.

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