Revenue Acceleration for B2B Founders

RevPipes help Founders of B2B software and technology startups level up their go-to-market and accelerate their revenue line with strategy, coaching, and tactical execution.

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Our Clients

Most Founders cannot keep up with the digital transformation occurring within the revenue acceleration space. They do not know where to start and they don't have a community of Founders who are working from the same foundational principles. Copying the next popular "growth hack" only goes so far.

First-Time Founders

First-time Founders always ask us "What next?" post-fundraise. Many of the smartest VCs don't have the time to provide the expertise, guidance, and accountability Founders need. Founders may not know any different which is why we often hear that things take twice as long for first-time Founders.

Second-Time Founders

Second-time Founders remember how hard things were the first time, and this time around they are smart enough to know where and when to ask for help. We want to remove the pressure, pain, and discomfort that surrounds growth, and provide the clarity and confidence that make the best companies.

Our Offers

We've designed our offers to allow you the opportunity to get to know us, learn how we think about go-to-market, and gain value before considering whether it makes sense to partner with us more closely.

Office Hours

Office Hours are designed as an AMA, where we will cover any strategy or tactical question that is top of mind for you.

Fundamentals Course

Our 5-week intensive on B2B growth fundamentals. You will join a select group of Founders to accelerate the revenue line.

Strategy Consulting

An action plan that's specific for your business. Connect with us today to learn what we can deliver in 1 week, or 1 month.

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Our Founders

We've worked for and with 100+ B2B Founders to help guide them through revenue acceleration. We have led cross-functional growth teams and operated predictable, scalable, and repeatable B2B revenue engines built on sound strategies, streamlined processes, and robust data infrastructure.

Vikrant Duggal

Prior to founding RevPipes, Vikrant Duggal was a global independent consultant. A four-time revenue operator, Vikrant has helped 100+ SaaS Founders and CEOs accelerate revenue. An engineer by education, Vikrant's natural talents led him to lead strategy and sales teams at Boeing and Johnson Controls. He then installed his expertise within four VC-backed startups achieving incredible growth and yielding two outstanding acquisitions returning an average of 8X valuation increase. He actively writes about growth on his personal blog and invests in early-stage SaaS companies through his Rolling Fund.

Shreesh Naik

Prior to founding RevPipes, Shreesh Naik co-founded and ran growth at two startups. After learning from the missteps of his first startup, Reactor Media, Shreesh scaled revenue at his second startup, Blue Ink Digital, from $50k EBITDA to $1M+ in 12 months despite the company being bootstrapped. Shreesh is passionate about building the revenue operations infrastructure underlying any go-to-market strategy and completed an independent study in this space during his MBA at Harvard with Professor Mark Roberge, Former CRO at HubSpot. Shreesh also holds a Chemical Engineering degree from MIT.

Our Client Testimonials

Collectively, our portfolio of businesses has raised over $200MM in venture financing from angels, incubators, and VCs around the globe like Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock, Google Ventures, Origin Ventures, Golden Ventures, Bowery Capital, Mainsail Partners, SurveyMonkey, Fidelity, Klass Capital, and Y Combinator.

Vik Duggal is my secret weapon. I always make sure to connect with Vik or send leaders looking to grow his way.

Mark Roberge

Managing Director @ Stage2Capital, Professor @ Harvard Business School, Former CRO @ HubSpot

Shreesh Naik has a strong intuition for process design and systems thinking that every revenue engine needs.

Wil Eyi

Co-founder & CEO @ Toolbox (YC S20)

Shreesh Naik has great intuition for B2B growth and helped us design experiments we wouldn't have thought of.

Katia Paramonova

Founder and CEO @ Centrly (Forbes 30 Under 30)

Vik Duggal has the pulse on how great leaders are pushing boundaries. I’m a huge fan.

Matt Golden

Founding and Managing Partner at Golden Ventures

Vik Duggal delivers results. Every leader looking to grow should engage with him.

Tony Summerville

Founder and CEO @ Fleetio

Shreesh Naik is someone every B2B founder should speak with about their go-to-market journey.

Benjamin Fletcher

CEO & Co-Founder @ EyeLevel

Insights Membership

Each week, we share our expertise, best practices, and frameworks on B2B revenue acceleration. Check your inbox for a personal invitation from us or subscribe by entering your email below.

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